Money Mindset

Money Mindset

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At some point or another throughout the course of our lives, we all experience one, if not all, of these feelings regarding the state of our financial resources.

These very feelings are commonly the reason why:

  • We stay in relationships or jobs we’ve outgrown in order to feel financially safe and secure even though our spirit dwindles a little more every day.
  • We reduce our desires, dreams and needs … and try to live half a life, instead.
  • We look to develop safe and secure “life roots”, which ultimately shift into chains and trap us in lives of our own choosing, instead of unfolding our wings, aim for the stars and live to our fullest capacity.

However, why is it we settle for less than what our hearts want when we possess the inner potential to develop unrestricted resources in support of our wildest dreams?

Life Begins With Changing Your Mindset – New Money Mindset

The truth– we frequently tell ourselves– is that we simply do not have the funds to live the life we truly want. Stuck in this “rationalization”, nevertheless, we forget that it’s our present level of thinking that has produced our present life experience … which if we want to live even more abundantly, we should start to think in a different way.

It’s our money mindset then, not the money or the lack thereof, which is the real issue at hand.

Therefore, it’s only by changing our money mindset– the beliefs and point of views we hold about money– that we eliminate any restrictions on who we can become, what we can accomplish and how we can live. This is particularly true because our money mindset affects the actions we take and the choices we make when it comes to money.

So what is the possible solution? How do we shift our money mindset after preserving a particular perspective for such a prolonged period of time?

The simple answer is … by being aware.

Money Mindset Consciousness

Become conscious of the money mindset connection, including how it is impacting your present financial resources, or lack thereof. Among the best methods to do this is to reflect on and respond to these two questions:

  1. Acknowledge a certain area where money “seems lacking” and ask yourself: Exactly what specific belief(s) are causing this experience? (And keep in mind, this “lack” is merely mirroring your money mindset, not reality.)
  2. Recognize a specific money objective and ask yourself: What would I need to think (about myself or money) in order to change this objective into a reality?

Then, with this brand-new awareness, test your beliefs. Question their precision. Remember as you’re doing this, that if a belief in any way limits your financial resources or your capacity to experience more money, it is 100% incorrect. Instead, your belief is an incorrect conclusion you have drawn about your life experiences due to a lack of awareness and understanding of the money mindset connection.

Finally, this awareness will begin to produce a shift in your money mindset. As a result, you’ll start to observe a relationship between thinking in a different way and living much more abundantly.

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